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‘Catastrophic’: The Roads Minister and his Shadow debate Melbourne-Geelong speed increase

The government says the Opposition’s plan to increase the speed limit on the Princes Freeway between Melbourne-Geelong could be ‘catastrophic’.

How does it know that?

“The last time an assessment was undertaken by (former Coalition roads minister) Terry Mulder, the assessment was that an increase would be catastrophic, that it would be a 30% increase in crashes and it wouldn’t be a good idea,” Roads Minister Luke Donnellan told Neil Mitchell.

But shadow minister David Hodgett says it’s safe, and the minutes it saves would be worth the change.

“It’s time better spent with family and friends,” Mr Hodgett said.

“(The Australian Road Assessment Program) report it’s amongst the top ten safest freeways in Victoria.”

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In response, Mr Donnellan said the government would

“There can be reviews when we get the road up to a five-star rating, and we will happily do that,” he said.