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Catholic school forces students to pull out eyelash extensions on photo day

A parent at the Catholic school where students were forced to removed their fake eyelashes and make up for photo day, is standing by the school’s policy.

Steve told Ross and John his daughter came home and told him about the dramas on photo day.

“The teachers told them to remove all their jewellery and make up and said they needed to be in a more natural state,” Steve said.

“And you agree with that?” Ross asked.

“We agree wholeheartedly, it’s one of the reasons we send our daughter to that school,” he replied.

Some of the students claim they were left with “inflamed, irritated and swollen eyes” after they were forced to pull out eyelash extensions (where semi-permanent fibres are glued to individual lashes).

Adam Voigt, former principal and Education School Leadership Expert told Ross and John if the rules are well known, the school is well within its rights.

“If the expectation has been crystal clear, if the consequences for failing those expectations have also been made clear then the school’s got a case to say, this is the standard we’re setting,” Adam said.

“We need to be careful as parents and as schools whether we’re going to die in a ditch over an argument about something so minor.”

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