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How COVID-19 will change crime: Sly Of The Underworld

Sly of the underworld

These unusual times will have consequences across every industry.

No one will be untouched – not even crooks.

Veteran crime reporter Sly Of The Underworld took a look at how the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was likely to impact crime and policing across Victoria.

Crimes we’ll likely see drop:

  • Home thefts: “There’ll be more people home”
  • Drink-driving: “Less testing and less people on the road”
  • Drug-trafficking: It will be more difficult as borders close
  • Drug use: Harder to obtain, and may indeed drop as events close down

Crime that will increase:

  • Scams
  • Minor youth crime as bored kids play up

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Meanwhile, as coronavirus fears grow, Sly shared a timely message for Australians.

“Increased isolation means depression,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“In times of crisis we tend to congregate. Whether it be Bourke Street — where everyone went to Bourke Street with flowers — Princess Di, bushfire relief, during the war … when people gathered at pubs.

“Let’s all take a responsibility. Ring somebody who you think might be isolated.

“Don’t text. Ring.”

Sly urged Australians to support each other in these trying times.

“If you see a police car or an ambulance, give them a wave. Tell them you’re on their side,” he said.

“If you have to go to hospital show some manners.

“If you’re at a supermarket let’s actually prove the theory of evolution was right … and that we’re not rock apes.

“We also have to cauterise the wound, but look to the future.

“We have to work out how we are going to heal.

“Self-isolation is really difficult for 14 days.

“In times of crisis you can make a choice: be the best you can be or be the worst you can be, it’s totally up to you.”

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Sly of the underworld