CBD sites to be bolstered by steel bollards in bid to thwart terror attacks

The concrete bollards littered around Melbouurne’s CBD are to be replaced by retractable steel bollards, in a bid to bolster the city against potential terror attacks.

As reported in the Herald Sun, it comes as Victoria Police also consider a system rolled out by the NYPD after 9/11.

Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther told Ross and John the planning for this next stage of security began “about several months ago”.

Assistant Commissioner: Since that time there’s been the concrete blocks throughout the city and over the next few months you’ll see them replaced by the proper security devices.

Ross: Well what’s a proper security device?

Assistant Commissioner: It’ll be the steel type bollards that you’re already seeing being rolled out across the city.

Ross: Any chance we’ll be copying the NYPD “shield” system?

Assistant Commissioner: There’s a very good chance of that.

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