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CBD tram explosion: “Oh my God, I feel sick!”

Picture: Twitter /  @timdyen

Shaken witnesses have told of loud explosions and flames after an alarming incident involving a tram this morning.

The explosions were caused by overhead wires falling on top of the tram near the Toorak Rd and St Kilda Rd intersection.

Thankfully, nobody was injured.

Trams stopped running between St Kilda Junction and Flinders Street for several hours after incident.

Services have since resumed.

Witness Kate, who was walking along the Tan at the time, said there were two explosions and fire underneath the tram.

“Oh my God, I feel sick! It was terrible,” she said.

“People were trying to get off, and then it exploded again.

“All the workman around that area all told (the passengers) to get off the tram from the other side because there was fire; they couldn’t see there was fire under the tram.

“I don’t know how it didn’t actually destroy the whole tram.”

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