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CCTV on the rise in Melbourne suburbs

Security experts say CCTV is exploding across the suburbs of Melbourne – but police saying it can add to fear around crime because offences are shown every night on the TV.

Jeremy Stewart,Vice President of Global Marketing at Swann Communications told Neil the suburbs with the highest private CCTV installations are Tarneit, Caroline Springs, Dandenong, Frankston, Springvale.

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Phill sent Neil the below footage, saying he recently caught people doing burnouts, as well as another person crashing into his truck.

He said his CCTV system cost him $800 from Costco.

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Neil has been inundated with CCTV – some serious, some amusing, like the one below.

Jason’s footage caught his neighbour crashing her motorbike – for the record, she wasn’t hurt.

“She accidentally jerked the throttle and went flying across the road,” he said.

“She was absolutely fine, she was rapt that I had the video footage.”

Listeners tell Neil Mitchell why they installed CCTV