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CFA boss responds to explosive allegations in heated interview

in studio with neil mitchell

The chief executive of the CFA has confirmed to Neil Mitchell there have been allegations of sexual assault within the organisation in the past year which have been referred to police.

The organisation has been caught up in allegations of systemic bullying, harassment and assault claims with the leaked release of a report by a former senior adviser.

Yesterday Professor Caroline Taylor told the 3AW Mornings host there was a “culture of fear” in the CFA and allegations hadn’t been properly dealt with.

CFA boss Frances Diver responded to the allegations this morning, admitting corruption, assault and harassment claims had been referred to IBAC and police.

She said she was “shocked” by the report.

Frances Diver: I am appalled at the idea that people are coming to work and that’s acceptable for them to be bullied or harassed or they have no mechanism to find their way out of that situation.

Neil Mitchell: Are you confident none of this such behaviour is happening at the moment?

Frances Diver: I have made it clear if any of that behaviour is happening at the moment we will address it.

Neil Mitchell: Have their been any cases before you this year?

Frances Diver: Yes there have.

in studio with neil mitchell