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CFA ‘very embarrassed’ after confirming Balmoral fire was actually started by a CFA member

Tony Jones


In an embarrassing and potentially dangerous blunder by the CFA, a grass fire which caused an emergency alert in Victoria’s south-west yesterday was actually started by a CFA member.

As revealed on 3AW Mornings, the CFA member was giving a community lecture at the Balmoral Recreation Reserve when he took a cigarette lighter to some long grass to demonstrate how quickly fuel can burn.

CFA Deputy Chief Officer, Alen Slipovitch, said the man in question is extremely embarrassed.

“I can say individuals are very embarrassed today,” he said.

“We do apologise to the Balmoral community for what happened.”

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Mr Slipovitch said the matter is now being investigated but the man has not been stood down.

Tony questioned why anyone, let alone a CFA officer would light a grass fire on a near 40 degree day.

“There was potential definitely for damage to be done,” Mr Slipovitch admitted.

Photo: Facebook, CFA South-west

Tony Jones