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CFMEU members demand contractor pay union fees on the spot, or go home for the day

A caller has told Neil Mitchell that two CFMEU members demanded her son pay his union fees on his first day on a construction site if he wanted to work.

‘Anne’ said that her son, was confronted by two men who insisted that he pay his dues, or go home.

‘He had to pay on the spot, when he didn’t have the money,’ she told Neil. ‘He felt threatened.’

The worker paid $500 on the spot so that he would be permitted to work.

‘That is against the law,’ said Neil. ‘It is illegal to insist somebody is a member of a union to work on a site.’

Caller Ashley later rang in to say he had faced a similar experience on a commercial site when two CFMEU members demand he pay on the spot.

Scroll down and listen as Anne and Ashley talk to Neil.

Listen in full as Anne speaks to Neil 


Listen in full as Ashley speaks to Neil