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Chadstone’s ‘really innovative’ plan to fight COVID-19 as retail reopens

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Chadstone Shopping Centre will reopen at 9am this morning, but it’ll look very different.

The shopping centre has adopted the latest technology to keep shoppers safe.

Chadstone centre manager, Michael Whitehead, says there’s no reason for shoppers to fear heading to the centre, which has previously been linked to a COVID-19 outbreak.

“We’ve put in a new COVID-safe control room … looking at occupancy density, CCTV, some really innovative heat mapping technology,” he told Ross and Russel.

Social distancing officers will also be patrolling the centre to “keep people moving and not congregating”.

Meanwhile, many retailers have introduced virtual queuing, and cleaners will be out in force wiping down high touch surfaces.

Mr Whitehead said more than 96 per cent of retailers will open their doors today, and if you’re able to shop off peak, you should.

“We know that the weekend is going to be our busiest time, particularly between 11 and 3, so if you can, come in during the week, come in early in the morning,” he said.

“Come with a list, come with some purpose.”

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