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Chainsaws stolen from truck in Montrose leaves family without their livelihood

A Melbourne family already feeling the pinch to make ends meet have been robbed of their livelihood.

Lisa Kohinga’s husband works as a tree lopper and last week, four of his chainsaws were stolen from his truck at his home in Montrose.

They are valued at $7,500.

Lisa’s 16-year-old son requires around the clock care, leaving the family with only one income.

She told Neil Mitchell while they were grateful people in the community had offered her husband their tools while he gets back on his feet, he requires professional models for his line of work.

“It’s not a great feeling at all, for us, we are already under a lot of pressure,” she said.

“So for us to have our livelihood stolen, when I can’t work, it doesn’t leave you with a great feeling at all.”

The chainsaws stolen were Husqvarna 395 XP, 385 XP, 339 XP and T540 XP.

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