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Chair of the Sentencing Advisory Council, Arie Freiberg says APEX isn’t as big of a problem as we think

There has been a perception that there is a junior crime problem, all raised around the APEX gang.

They have been conducting aggravated burglaries and assaults around peoples homes.

Neil Mitchell spoke with the Chair of the Sentencing Advisory Council, Arie Freiberg.

The Chief Commissioner told Neil Mitchell the youth gang issue is a big one, but Mr Frieberg doesn’t believe so.

‘He may say that, but the facts don’t bare him out’.

?Mr Freiberg compared the APEX gang to the ?Bodgies and Widgies, a youth subculture that existed in Australia the 1950’s.

Neil says ‘I don’t remember them coming into peoples homes, bashing them up and stealing their cars’

‘This is a problem for the police to deal with.’ said Freiberg.

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