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Chalmers link to GWS success

At his first Olympic Games. Kyle Chalmers won gold at the tender age of 18.

It’s an almighty effort.

Gerard Healy has found a link between Chalmers’ heroic win and the GWS Giants.

Both are relatively inexperienced when it comes to the really serious, high stakes events. Chalmers proved this morning that he could cope with the pressure and prevail.

A common knock on GWS this season is that they will not cope with the pressure come September.

‘Why is it that a swimmer can cope with the pressure and yet the same people I suspect are saying the GWS can’t win the flag because they won’t be able to deal with the pressure of September?’ Healy asked.

Speaking on Sports Today, Leigh Matthews explained exactly how daunting Grand Final Day is and that experience could in fact work against you.

‘It’s a scary day,’ said Matthews, who has been involved in four premierships as a player and four as coach.

‘If you win, it’s so good. If you lose, it’s so bad.’

‘So in some ways if you experience that, it can make you a little bit nervy the next time you take the field.’

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