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Changes to before-tax Superannuation contribution caps from July 1

If you’re over 50 and working, 3AW’s finance guru says you should start focusing on your Superannuation and not your mortgage.

There’s only 10 weeks until new changes to the super cap come into effect.

Current before-tax superannuation contribution is capped at $35,000 for those over 50, but from July 1 the cap will change to $25,000.

Finance Guru Scott Haywood spoke with 3AW Drive’s Nick McCallum.

‘The strategy for the next ten weeks for people will be to not worry about reducing their debt as much, maybe try and reduce some expenses,’ said Scott.

‘It will be better for most Australians who are over the age of 50 to put that money into superannuation, be taxed at only fifteen cents of it and try and get up to that $35,000 cap.’

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