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Chapel street traders furious over refusal to redevelop South Yarra station

Chapel street traders are furious at the State government over their refusal to redevelop South Yarra station.

Victoria claims Canberra owes $600 million in bonus cash from the sale of the Port of Melbourne, but the Federal government wants that money tied to an upgrade of the station.

Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan have rejected such a deal, and local businesses are fuming.

They’ve started up a campaign to build support for the development, running with the slogan ‘Not Happy, Dan’.

The President of the Chapel Street Precinct Association, John Lotton, told Neil Mitchell everyone is in agreement that the station needs some work.

‘Even the government’s infrastructure bodies are recommending the station be upgraded,’ he said.

Mr Lotton said the government seems to have no issue with other developments in the area that bring in revenue.

‘This state government has approved many planning permits for the development of residential high-rises right next door to South Yarra Station,’ he said.

‘Whilst they collect all the stamp duty for all of those high-rises, they have turned their back on the suburb.’

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