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Charlie Bezzina: The killing of the jeweller turned security guard + the mistaken murder charge

On February 21, 2002, jeweller turned security guard Slawomir Tomczyk was murdered while working at Casablanca Reception Centre in Cranbourne.

Somebody deliberately punctured a tyre on the security vehicle he was driving, forcing him to change the tyre in the car park.

When he didn’t turn up at his next job, his boss sounded the alarm, and Mr Tomczyk’s body was found bludgeoned near the vehicle.

In the days following the violent killing, police received a tip from a witness who said he heard three men talking about the murder.

But 18 years on, the case remains unsolved.

Press PLAY below to hear about the unsolved crime and why former homicide detective Charlie Bezzina says it’s important we talk about cold cases which are decades old.