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Charlie Bezzina: The workers who should’ve been manning COVID-19 roadblocks and doorknocks

Former homicide detective Charlie Bezzina says there is one group of workers who are uniquely suited to help police ensure COVID-19 restrictions are followed, but they have not been deployed.

He says the Sheriff’s Office, a group within the Department of Justice and Community safety, would have been perfect substitutes for police in hotel quarantine, at road blocks and during doorknocks on positive COVID-19 cases.

“The Sheriff’s department has been unemployed for the major part of this year, would you believe?,” Mr Bezzina told Dee Dee.

“They have vehicles with number plate recognition capabilities, they are in uniform, they are mobile, they deal with conflict resolution and they have powers of arrest.

“With some minor tweaking regarding their enforcement powers, why on earth did the government not use this department?”

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