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Cheltenham teen left disabled after shooting


Click play for video report, including footage of car park chase.

Images have been released as part of an investigation into two shootings, one of which has left a teenager disabled for life.

The Cheltenham victim, 19, was dropped off at Knox Private Hospital with critical injuries in August.

Police say he was shot during an altercation at a shopping centre carpark in Vermont South.

CCTV (above) shows two cars chasing a third car.

The two chasing cars – a gold Holden ute and dark blue Commodore – were spotted earlier at a petrol station lying in wait for the victim.

The ute has been recovered.

An 18-year-old was released pending further enquiries.

A face image (in above video) has been released of the suspected gunman who is also believed to have attempted to shoot a man in broad daylight in Surrey Hills in May.

Police are urging a person who called Crime Stoppers in September to call again, as well as anyone else with information.