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Chief Commissioner and police union boss begin 500km walk

Victoria’s top cop and union boss have begun their 500km walk to raise funds for mental health support for former police members.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton set out from Mallacoota about 9am, with Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt leaving Mildura at the same time.

They have so far raised $450,000 and are just $50,000 short of reaching their target of $500,000.

The money will go towards the Retired Peer Support Officer program.


The pair crossed to Neil Mitchell earlier today as it kicked off.

“We’re probably about three or four kilometres out (of Mallacoota),” CC Ashton told Neil Mitchell.

“I reckon we’re about five out! (From Mildura)” Snr Sgt Gatt said.

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“It’s a big issue, we’ve got thousands of ex police out there doing it tough,” CC Ashton said.

“We’ve got to make sure we don’t leave these people behind.”

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