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Chihuahua chases chastened crim from Doveton home

Audio: Ross and John learn about the little chihuahua that took on a thief

Taco the brave chihuahua will be up for more treats this month after he alerted his owners to a burglar in their Doveton home this morning.

The burglar entered the house through an unlocked back door in Maple Court about 3.30am.

But as he sneaked through the laundry into the kitchen, Taco the pet chihuahua started to growl, alerting his owners who were asleep at the time.

‘We were both sleeping in the bed, he started growling,’ Taco’s owner Geoff Clarke said.

‘He’s always been a good watchdog.’

Taco’s growls woke up Geoff’s partner who started screaming when she saw a man with a hooded jumper standing in the hallway.

The American staffie who was also on the bed at the time didn’t stir until Geoff jumped up.

‘It’s not very nice, not with three kids in the house,’ he said.

‘He’s come in through the back door, it’s normally open a little bit so the dogs can go to the toilet at night.

‘I don’t think that will be happening anymore.’

Geoff managed to chase the unknown man through the house, before he escaped by jumping over the back fence.

He managed to steal an iPad in the process.

The offender remains on the run.