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Child attacked by dog at soccer training at Yarra Bend Park

A parent is pleading for help after his 10-year-old son Mitchell was attacked by a dog at soccer training.

The attack happened at Yarra Bend Park near Fairfield on Thursday at an off-leash dog park.

Alan Rogers has told 3AW Mornings his son was finishing off training when the dog came out of nowhere.

‘The dog came from his blind side to attack him,’ Mr Rogers said. ‘No provocation, no nothing. He wasn’t even aware the dog was there until it took his arm for the first time’

The owners of the staffordshire-pitbull tried to leave the park following the attack and after being chased down by another parent at the park they provided a fake name, address and phone number.  

Mr Rogers said his son was having trouble sleeping and was reluctant to visit the park again after being bitten seven times.

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