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Childcare centre destroyed by fire in fatal smash at Tarneit

Image: 3AW Reporter Pat Mitchell at the scene of the crash.


A childcare centre has been destroyed by a fire sparked by a fatal car crash in Tarneit

Specialist police initially saw a flash go off inside the vehicle on Tarneit Road.

A short time later the driver lost control at speed, crossing over three lanes and into the ‘Kool Kids’ Tarneit childcare centre, bursting into flames.

The driver got out, but the childcare centre was fully involved in flames within seconds.

It took CFA crews around two hours to bring the blaze under control.

The childcare centre has been destroyed and the man has been found dead.

Channel 7 reporter Nathan  Templeton has told Ross and John it’s a very concerning incident.

“One of the more concerning elements to this, to probably any parent listening is, this car has smashed into a childcare centre,” Nathan told Ross and John.

“The driver has got out and made it a very short distance, but because of his injuries and the smoke he succumbed to it…

“By the time they got to him, the man had been found dead,” said Nathan.

Tarneit Road is expected to be closed for most of the day.

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