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China blamed for Bureau of Meteorology hack

A former AFP cyber expert says it’s ‘absolutely’ possible China hacked the Bureau of Meteorology to gain access to more sensitive government data.

Nigel Phair, who runs an internet safety centre at the University of Canberra, spent 21 years working with the federal police and said the secrecy surrounding this week’s hack was a clear indication something was up.

‘That’s the problem,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘We don’t know enough

‘The government isn’t telling us.

‘They’re not confirming or denying, so I think you can accept something has happened.’

Mr Phair said BOM was an unusual target.

‘You could understand things like the tax department or defence, which people try and do all day, every day,’ he said.

That point led Neil Mitchell to question whether it was possible those responsible were trying to work their way into other parts of the system.

‘Absolutely,’ Mr Phair said.

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