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Chiropractors in the spotlight after video surfaces of baby being treated

Chiropractics is in the spotlight after video emerged of a chiropractor working on a baby.

The chiropractor believed he could treat conditions such as asthma or colic.

?Anthony Coxon, President of Victoria’s Chiropractors Association told Tom Elliott he does treat young babies.

‘I can understand why people – particularly outside of the chiropractic profession – might be a little bit concerned,’ Mr Coxon said. 

But he said it’s important the chiropractors explain to patients or their parents that the research is divided.

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But orthopaedic spinal surgeon John Cunningham said he would not refer a patient to a chiropractor.

‘The fact that they call themselves ‘doctor’, and people think they are a legitimate medical practitioner, is a travesty,’ Mr Cunningham said.

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