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Chris Gayle poised to launch legal action

A top media lawyer says the threat to sue Fairfax Media could be a clever tactic by Chris Gayle’s management to avoid more unwanted publicity.

The controversial West Indian cricketer released a statement today saying he had hired a media lawyer to launch ‘defamation proceedings’ over the publishing of a woman’s allegations he indecently exposed himself to a woman during last year’s World Cup in Sydney.

Gayle denies the allegations.

The Fairfax Media report followed controversy surrounding comments Gayle made to Channel 10 journalist Mel McLaughlin on Monday night.

Justin Quill, from M+K Lawyers, told Sports Today that if Gayle sues, he would likely find himself, a teammate and the woman who made the allegations giving evidence before a jury.

‘I’d be amazed if Fairfax didn’t do their due diligence on this and have a witness ready to go,’ he told Gerard Healy and Shane McInnes.

But that’s if he sues.

Could the threat be a ploy to control the media?

‘If you’re in a media … you think ‘Gee, he’s threatening to sue’; straight away the risk profile on Chris Gayle goes up a bit,’ Mr Quill said.

‘Everyone in the media will be saying ‘Well, we better just watch what we say about him’.

‘It’s not a silly idea.’

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