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Chris Judd in hot water over distasteful comment on-air at children’s cancer fundraiser

Former footballer Chris Judd has come under fire for an insensitive comment he made on-air during the AFL Footy Show’s My Room Telethon fundraiser in support of the Children’s Cancer Charity.

Judd made a gaffe about the illness when asked what deodorant he uses.

“I’m using a natural deodorant,” Judd said.

“It doesn’t actually work, but I’m not going to die of cancer, so …”

Neil Mitchell said he would “cut Judd some slack” but that the apology orchestrated by Eddie McGuire later in the program just made things worse.

“Some people have misconstrued something that was said earlier on in total innocence,” McGuire said.

“I’m not going to back over it, my apologies, we’re all here for the right reasons and I hope it doesn’t take away from tonight,” Judd said.

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“It was an horrendous apology,” Jane Holmes told Neil.

“I have sympathy for Chris Judd,” Neil replied.

“But to say it’s misconstrued and people are imagining it, that’s ridiculous!

“I’ve said stupid things, you apologise directly and move on.

“Just admit it Ed and get on with it!”

Sam Newman also was back to his classic ways, dropping the F-word on air and making jokes about erections.

The fundraiser itself was successful, raising $1.5 million in just one night.

Photo: Channel 9