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Chris Uhlmann: Parliament a ‘toxic space’ where rumours taken as evidence

Nine News Political Editor has told Neil Mitchell parliament has become a “toxic” place where rumours are enough to destroy someone’s career.

It comes after a week where Michaelia Cash hinted at rumours about young women in Bill Shorten’s office, Julie Bishop played word games surrounding taxpayer funded travel for her boyfriend and Senator Kim Carr called another senator a Nazi.

“They are behaving like children,” Neil said

“We are all sick of it. Both sides, grow up or get out.”

Chris Uhlmann said the Barnaby Joyce affair has “made an already badly damaged institution even more badly damaged”.

“Barnaby Joyce made an appalling personal decision and he’s paid a high price for it,” Chris said.

“But the question now is whether or not rumour is going to suffice as a political weapon and we saw this week that someone was prepared to drag it out (referring to Michaelia Cash).

“We are in quite a toxic space now where accusations against people in public positions are sufficing as evidence for people to be drummed out of their jobs.”

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