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Churches open doors as refugee sanctuary

The Dean of St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane says his church’s decision to declare itself a place of sanctuary for asylum seekers is much more than a gesture.

But he admitted to Ross and John he may be operating on flimsy legal grounds.

‘Sanctuary is a moral concept rather than a legal concept,’ Dr Peter Catt said.

‘We’re pretty sure all that we’re going to be able to do is use the moral force, and the idea that it would be quite a bad look for people to be dragged out of churches.’

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Meanwhile, a Geelong priest told 3AW Breakfast he has a refugee living with him in his house now.

And he wouldn’t be opposed to offering sanctuary to someone else.

‘This sort of work is happening all the time,’ father Kevin Dillon from St Mary’s of the Angels said.

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In Victoria, St John’s Uniting Church in Essendon has joined the national movement, offering sanctuary to asylum seekers facing deportation.