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Citizen’s arrest: Man dressed only in his undies locks would-be thief in cupboard

A Port Melbourne man dressed only in his jocks has apprehended a man he allegedly found rifling through his wife’s car in the early hours of this morning, locking him in a cupboard until police arrived.

David Mann’s (above) wife Nicola woke about 3.30 this morning to the sounds of someone in their backyard, allegedly breaking into their car.

“I heard the boot of my car beeping open, I went to the window and saw a guy in my backyard, a guy inside my car ransacking it,” Nicola told Neil Mitchell.

“He, (David) in his undies, leapt out and went roaring out into the backyard.

“He just went crazy, I’ve never seen my husband so angry.”

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“I was petrified at the time, this guy was clearly not normal,” she said.

David grabbed the man by the collar and managed to lock him in a cupboard where they keep their bins, until police arrived.

“He shoved his guy in there and shut the door.

“This guy was screaming to get out.

“It was a heroic move.

“This guy obviously freaked out and he emptied everything he had on him into the bin.

“There was a whole lot of coins, two wallets, two sets of keys, about $200 cash in there.”

The 18-year-old man, of no fixed address, was later charged with a range of offences including trespass, handle stolen goods, possess proceeds of crime and possess controlled weapon.

He also charged in relation to an alleged aggravated burglary and theft last night on Dow Street, Port Melbourne.

He was charged with aggravated burglary, theft and commit indictable offence whilst on bail in relation to that incident.

Photo: Nine News Melbourne