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Citizenship test revamp: How Australia’s newcomer test is changing

Australia’s citizenship test is set to be revamped with a new focus on values.

From November 15, aspiring Australians will have to brush up on a test which places much more emphasis on values and less on facts.

Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge says it’s an important change to ensure new Australians understand the fundamental values which make Australia unique.

“That is our parliamentary system, equality between men and women, freedom of speech and association, freedom of information, those sorts of things,” he told Ross and Russel.

“With today’s migrant intake we’ve got people who are coming to Australia from around the world, and in many cases from countries whose value systems are quite different from Australia’s.”

The citizenship test guide will be updated today to reflect the changes.

“We want people to take it seriously,” Mr Tudge said.

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