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City of Yarra votes to roll out new bin system

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The City of Yarra Council has voted to roll out a four-bin system.

It’ll start in July.

It comes on the back of a trial in Abbotsford, where 1300 homes were given the four bins.

  • BIN 1: Green waste (food scraps, leaves, grass, branches)
  • BIN 2: Glass (bottles etc.)
  • BIN 3: “General waste” (nappies, dog poo, non-recyclable rubbish)
  • BIN 4: Recycling (all recyclables that aren’t glass)

“Bin 1” as listed above will be collected weekly, with the other three collected fortnightly.

The City of Yarra says there’s a recycling “crisis” in Australia and has decided to act.

The Mayor, Councillor Misha Coleman, told Neil Mitchell the feedback from the trial was overwhelming positive.

She also called on the state government to have 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

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