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Claims CUB worker with brain tumour pushed to ground during union protest


The Minister for Industrial Relations says there’s no room for violence in an industrial dispute, following claims a CUB worker was assaulted at a picket line outside the company’s Abbotsford plant.

It’s alleged the worker, who suffers from a brain tumour, was pushed to the ground and held down by a Union organiser. 

Gary Woodburn from CUB has told Neil Mitchell, Abbottsford has already lost 30 per cent of production to CUB’s Queensland brewery so costs must be cut.

‘We can’t afford for volume to seep away, month by month, year by year, we need to be competitive.’

‘If we don’t do that, volume just moves away, it’s about the medium to long term, five years plus.’ – Mr Woodburn told 3AW Mornings.

Natalie Hutchins said while she condemned the violence, she stood by her decision to speak at a recent rally in support of the Union’s campaign against the brewery.

‘I publicly supported the CUB workers because I don’t believe a profitable company like CUB should be cutting workers’ wages and conditions by 65 per cent,’ she explained.

‘That’s something I still stand by.

‘But what’s being alleged to have happened at the picket line is very, very bad.’

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