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Climate protester says signs calling for ScoMo house to burn ‘totally appropriate’

As climate protests are set to choke cities across Australia, one protester says the most offensive thing is not the disruptions, but the Prime Minister’s actions.

The demonstration commences in Melbourne at the State Library, 2pm Saturday.

Uni Students for Climate Justice member Beth Jackson outlined the group’s demands to 3AW’s Tom Elliott ahead of the protests.

“We want Scomo sacked, we want a levy on fossil fuel corporations to pay for disaster relief, we want a complete transition to renewable energy and a properly funded firefighting service,” she explained.

Ms Jackson told 3AW Drive she does not have an issue with protesters displaying signs cursing the Prime Minister and demanding his house be burned down.

“I think it’s totally appropriate, the level of rage people are expressing for a climate crisis caused by fossil fuel companies,” she said.

“It’s a really positive development people are fighting and it’s been politicised in this way.”

Expect delays if you are travelling into the city tomorrow afternoon.

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Image: Uni Students for Climate Justice Facebook