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Close contact of person in ICU with COVID-19 casts doubt on contact tracing assurances

Premier Daniel Andrews says contact tracing teams are contacting 99 per cent of close contacts of positive COVID-19 cases are contacted within 24 hours.

But a Victorian woman who was in close contact with someone who is now in intensive care battling COVID-19 has cast doubt on that figure.

Jennifer was in contact with the infected person on August 28, and they were tested the following day before receiving a positive result on August 30.

Her close contact spoke to contact tracers more than a week ago, but Jennifer is yet to be contacted.

She told Neil Mitchell she has tried to ring contact tracers, but she can’t get through to them.

“When I have tried the phones ring out and there’s no ability to get on to anyone,” she said.

Jennifer says she’s also getting conflicting information on how long she should quarantine for.

“It’s another example of what’s wrong with Victoria and the government,” she said.

“They say one thing and the reality is quite different.”

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