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Coaching jigsaw: More goodbyes as early as bye time, predicts Lloydy

Brad Scott’s sudden departure from North Melbourne is likely to accelerate decisions on the league’s two other under-pressure coaches, Matthew Lloyd told 3AW Sportsday.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if around the bye time … one those clubs (St Kilda or Carlton) goes to Richo or Bolts or both and says, ‘Want to be honest with you – you’re not our man moving forward next year’,” said the 3AW Football expert.

“We know how things get out in this industry … and they don’t want to be speaking to candidates or managers without their current coach knowing.

“I just think that it’ll come at least one, maybe both of them, that clubs will go ‘We just want to let you knowthat  we’re not going to go forward with you next year’ and then often some will coach another week or two, and then they say it’s untenable and they move on.

“I think Richo (St Kilda coach Alan Richardson) has done a good job, but is more likely not to coach than coach (next year),” said Lloydy.

“Carlton continue to support (Bolton) and I think they really like Brendon, but the numbers just don’t allow him to go on next year.”

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