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Coalition announces $15.3 million anti-bullying program in schools

Victorian students who call out serial bullies would be recognised and rewarded under the Coalition’s $15.3 million anti-bullying policy.

The election policy also includes serial bullies who fail to change their behaviour attending disciplinary hearings.

Shadow Education Minister Tim Smith told Neil Mitchell six Victorian students each year would be presented with an award by the Premier for “calling out” and standing up to bullies.

He also revealed he has drawn on his own experience of being bullied at school in developing the policy.

“At school (I handled it) badly, I think that’s what’s motivated a lot of my thinking around this policy, because at school I think my response was to try and get even,” he said.

Neil Mitchell: One of the things that really stood out to me is this point, recognising and rewarding school children who are upstanders, not bystanders. 

Mr Smith: We want kids to call out bullying behaviour that is a pattern of systematic belittling, of thuggish behaviour towards an individual that may not have as much power to another in the social setting.

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