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Coles to trial item limit to combat self-serve theft

Coles will trial a new limit on items for their self-serve checkouts in a bid to combat growing theft.

It’s been revealed one-in-three people have stolen from supermarkets.

Under the new plan, shoppers will only be able to take 12 items or less through the self-service machine.

Any more than that and shoppers will have to take the traditional method at the checkout.

3AW Breakfast producer Brianna Travers spent several years working at the supermarket chain and revealed her ‘top four’ methods of cheating the system.

  1. Simply ‘walking out’ with your shopping when nobody is looking.
  2. Scanning items through as something cheaper.
  3. Hiding items in a newspaper and only paying for the paper.
  4. Putting items down your pants and walking out.

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