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‘Collateral. Damage. Everywhere’: Sly and the police officer who was accused of murder

A police officer who had to defend himself against a murder charge after shooting in self-defence has told of the enormous personal toll in the aftermath of the tragic day.

It was Tim Baker’s shots that killed Vlado Micetic after pulling him over for driving with stolen number plates on August 25, 2013.

Micetic had pulled a knife on Baker, then 44, after a period of wrestling.

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Sly said “there’s two tragedies here”.

“One is the death of Micetic, and the second is the consequences to Tim Baker,” he told Ross and John.

“What hasn’t been addressed here is why he was charged in the first place when the case was clearly flawed.

“And secondly … why police were continuing single-officer patrols when in 2010 the coroner specifically said they should be banned.

“If Tim Baker had been with a partner, this would not have happened and Micetic would still be alive.

“Collateral damage everywhere.”

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