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Commissioner expects charges to be laid after youths riot at Barwon prison

Youths have again run riot at Barwon Prison.

As many as 20 youths are believed to have been involved in a disturbance around 6pm on Monday night.

It comes three months after the Parkville youth justice centre was trashed, prompting authorities to move the youths to the Grevillia unit inside the maximum security Barwon Prison.

The youths barricaded themselves in the yard after an altercation between some of the inmates escalated out of control.

Corrections Victoria’s Emergency Response team moved in shortly after, requiring OC spray to diffuse the situation.

One officer suffered a facial injury after being attacked in the original disturbance.

The response team needed pepper spray to get the youths away from the injured man.

Police are investigating, and Corrections Commissioner Jan Shuard told Neil Mitchell she expects charges to be laid.

‘It’s a matter for Victoria Police, but there was damage to property,’ Ms Shuard said.

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