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Community Advocacy Alliance accuses senior cop of ‘trolling’ them alone using fake Facebook account

A community group headed by a former police chief commissioner has accused a senior member of Victoria Police of trolling them online.

The Community Advocacy Alliance, a group made up of a number of former police and civilians, advocates law and order reform.

Last year, former top cop Kel Glare, who heads the group, sensationally accused Victoria Police of “losing the plot” on the “crime tsunami”.

Ivan Ray, a former inspector with Victoria Police for more than thirty years and secretary of the group, claims they were “trolled” online by a current member who used a fake Facebook account.

He said a formal complaint was made to the Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and the matter was referred to The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).

But IBAC found there was no evidence of endemic corruption.

“The issue is more so to do with the integrity of the organisation and we believe that sort of behavior is totally inappropriate for senior police officers,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“We also believe the chief commissioner has an obligation to investigate it.

“Information has been fed to us in recent times that this particular troll has been active for a couple of years.”

A complaint was also made about a series of claims made in the media by another senior officer attacking the group and Mr Glare which the group says was “unreasonable”.

Neil Mitchell is aware of the names of the two serving members but has not named them.

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