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Complaints against Bakers Delight ad upheld by Advertising Standards Board

Complaints made against Bakers Delight for advertising ‘lollies on bread for school lunches’ have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Board.

The ASB found the advertisements undermined the promotion of a healthy balanced diet.

The advertisements which promote mini finger buns topped with M&M’s, a cheesymite scroll and a cheese & bacon roll featured on billboards and in shopping centres.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, General Manager of Bakers Delight, Gerry Gerrard, was surprised by the decision.

‘What we thought was a responsible treat has not been seen that way.’

The advertisement breached a section of the food code.

The advertisement breached a section of the food code. Photo: Instagram

‘When we do another child promotion, we would make sure that we ran it past the ASB first.’ he said

No penalties have been issued and the promotion has now finished.

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