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‘Completely out of line’: Meghan Markle courts controversy over tennis incident

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Meghan Markle runs the risk of turning the public against her if she fights the public eye, royal experts say.

The Duchess of Sussex’s security team intervened at Wimbledon overnight when a man tried to take a selfie during the centre court match involving Serena Williams, who is a friend of Meghan.

The security thought the man was trying to take a photo of Meghan, but subsequent footage showed the man was simply trying to take a selfie with the court in the background.

It’s prompted a backlash in the UK, and Tony Jones concurred.

“That’s a bit rich,” he said.

“I think she’s being completely out of line. If you’re marrying into the royal family, what do you expect?”

Tony, filling in for Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings, endorsed comments by outspoken English commentator Piers Morgan.

“You’re public people; all of you. You’re public people, stop your squealing about privacy — we don’t want to hear it,” Morgan said.

“If you want to be private go back to America and live privately. It’s pretty straightforward.”

Royal expert Phil Dampier, who has been reporting on Buckingham Palace for three decades, told Tony Jones he fears Harry and Meghan are scoring too many “own goals” that could see the public turn on them.

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