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‘Completely rattled’: Mystery man in kindergarten prompts calls for cameras

A security scare at a kindergarten in Melbourne’s south-east has sparked calls for the mandatory installation of CCTV cameras.

3AW Mornings has been told a man was warned away by staff last week when he veered away from a parental tour and was caught talking with children.

Police were called when he returned days later, again with no reasonable cause.

Officers spoke with the man but it’s believed he wasn’t charged.

Kate Foske, who has a child at the kindergarten, told Neil Mitchell she was surprised to learn the kindergarten didn’t have security footage to assess.

“That’s the main thing that’s got me completely rattled: Why isn’t it mandatory, why don’t they have cameras and why do they have to go through permission through council?” she said.

“In talking to other parents, some (kindergartens) do, but why isn’t it across the board?

“At the very least have it at the entrance or exits.”

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3AW Mornings has chosen not to name the kindergarten in question.