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Concerns over planned anti-refugee rally in Eltham

Eltham residents say an anti-refugee rally planned for tomorrow is being organised by people from outside the community and does not reflect the majority view.

Police will send additional resources and streets will be closed while junior tennis matches will be relocated amid fears the rally at Andrew Park could turn violent.

Protesters are angry at plans to lease homes at an aged care facility in Eltham to refugee families from Syria and Iraq. 

Gillian Essex from the Welcome to Eltham group said the protest was a bad idea.

‘They are causing disruption…they are doing all of this, for what? They are annoying the hell out of locals.’

But the MC of the event from the Party for Freedom, Nick Folkes, defended the protest and promised there would be no violence from their side.

He said the motivation for them was clear. 

‘I just don’t think it’s a good idea,’ he said.

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