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Concerns over the number of drownings in Australia over summer

Drownings over summer in Australia are nearly as high as car fatalities.

More than 20 people have drowned in the past month. 

Justin Scarr, Chief Operating Officer Royal Life Saving Society tells 3AW’s Tony Jones he’s concerned about number of Melbourne school children who can’t swim. 

‘We’re deeply concerned about the number of school children who come through our system and can’t swim.’ 

‘This puts them at grave risk of drowning later in life,’ Justin said on 3AW Mornings.

There’s been five times more than the normal level of drownings in NSW between Christmas and New Year. 

More than 80% of drowning victims in 2016 were men. 

Tony Jones says, ‘So many Australians simply can’t swim, and that’s got to change.’

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