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Concussion discussion: should helmets be mandatory after a first concussion?

Gerard Healy thinks helmets may protect more than players.

He thinks they make insure the AFL from future lawsuits.

Gerard told 3AW Football it ‘seems only logical’ for players who have suffered a concussion to be required to wear a helmet for a period of time after they return.

‘It seems to me we’re just waiting for a tidal wave of litigation to hit the football community, and it’s going to be a costly result,’ Healy said.

Doc Larkins says the idea has merit, but helmets won’t help for glancing blows that spin the head.

‘My argument is the blow may be less going into the skull, and if you’re going to get concussed, it may be less of a concussion,’ Dr Larkins said.

‘I like the logic of having a helmet on for a bloke who’s had a head injury, but not so that he takes risks.’

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