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Confusion over Victorian Police stations

Victoria Police has assured 3AW Drive a number of stations feared closed aren’t, but the head of the Police Association says it’s simply a play on words.

Tom Elliott was alerted to the fact there was a big ‘closed’ sign on the front of Burwood station earlier this week, with locals claiming there had been an increase in petty crime due to a lack of police presence.

But deputy commissioner Andrew Crisp said the station hadn’t been shut down.

‘The Burwood police station hasn’t shut permanently,’ he said on 3AW Drive.

Deputy Comm. Crisp said the sign in question had since been fixed and advised the station simply wasn’t 24 hours.

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But Police Association Secretary Ron Iddles said language like ‘not 24 hours’ was simply covering a shortage in numbers.

‘It’s a play on words,’ he explained.

‘The bottom line is there a need for more police resources, right across the state.’

Mr Iddles said 1800 extra police were needed in Victoria right now.

‘I don’t think any chief commissioner would ever knock back any additional resources,’ Mr Crisp replied.

‘But at the same time, we have to work within our means and we’ve got the numbers we have at the moment.’

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