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Construction on the Gannawarra Solar Farm in Victoria expected to start in May

The construction of Australia’s largest single solar project will start this month.

Australian renewable energy developer, Edify Energy, will build and operate three new large-scale solar farms in Queensland and Victoria.

Construction on the Gannawarra Solar Farm in Victoria (near Kerang) is expected to commence in May.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, CEO of Edify Energy, John Cole said there are already plans to increase the size of the Victorian farm.

‘It was one of the reasons why we selected this site, one of the key things is to be able to get the power into the grid…so we have two points of accessing the grid on this site.’

The Gannawarra Solar Farm sits on 327 acres, will have around 175,000 solar panels, and will be able to power around 25,000 average sized 3-bedroom homes.

The Victorian Solar Farm is expected to be ready early in the new year.

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