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Construction workers bashed after attempting to stop a fight at St Kilda beach

A construction worker was left bloodied and beaten by gang of youths at St Kilda beach.

21-year-old construction worker Andrew Mills tells Tony Jones he’s still shaken from the incident, ‘Bit shook up, a bit sore? But I’m pretty lucky.’

Andrew was just about finished work for the day and was packing up before he was alerted to the fight.

He shouted at the youths, ‘Get out, this is a construction site!’

The gang them turned on him and charged.

‘They started whacking me and beating me, and my workmate.’

Andrews says one of them was using a belt as a weapon, ‘It felt forever, I was so helpless due to the amount of them?’

‘There was nothing I could have done.’

Andrew’s colleague was also hospitalised after the beating, ‘I saw him, he was just covered in blood.’

He ran over to him to check he was alright, that’s when Andrew blacked out.

He has since been discharged and is resting at home in bed.

Andrew tells 3AW Mornings he has few cuts and bruises and ‘massive’ headache.

He expressed his thanks to the people who helped him and his colleague.

‘I’m so grateful it’s not as bad as it could have been.’

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