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Controversial Gumtree ad demands applicants be ‘of Australian appearance’

The man behind a controversial Gumtree ad has defended his decision to request employees of ‘Australian descent and appearance.’

But the Human Rights Law Centre says it’s a ‘very clear breach’ of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Michael, of Italian heritage, wrote the ad and said he was simply making a business decision.

He denied being racist.

‘There are people who prefer seeing an Australian-born worker on an Australian building site – it’s just that simple,’ he said.

‘It may not be politically correct or all people’s taste, but unfortunately that’s the way things are still.’

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Hugh de Kretser is the Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre.

He said the ad appeared to be clearly against the law, on face value.

It’s since been removed from the website.

‘It is absolutely illegal in Australia to discriminate against somebody on the grounds of race, including racial appearance,’ he explained.

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